3 – I Blame The Wine

The Lotus Effect
The Lotus Effect
3 - I Blame The Wine

So nice, we’re doing it thrice…

In this episode, we talk about what it means to be an empath and how to determine if you are one.

“Sit down, strap in, shut up, and listen!” — Pheonix

Reading List:

Questions pulled from Judith Orloff’s book that we discussed on the show:

  • Have I ever been labeled overly sensitive, shy, or introverted?
  • Do I frequently get overwhelmed or anxious?
  • Do arguments and yelling make me ill?
  • Do I often feel like I don’t fit in?
  • Do crowds drain me, and do I need alone time to revive myself?
  • Do noise, odors, or nonstop talkers overwhelm me?
  • Do I have chemical sensitivities or a low tolerance for scratchy clothes?
  • Do I prefer taking my own car to places so that I can leave early if I need to?
  • Do I overeat to cope with stress?
  • Am I afraid of becoming suffocated by intimate relationships?
  • Do I startle easily?
  • Do I react strongly to caffeine or medications?
  • Do I have a low threshold for pain?
  • Do I tend to socially isolate?
  • Do I absorb other people’s stress, emotions, or symptoms?
  • Am I overwhelmed by multitasking, and do I prefer to do one thing at a time?
  • Do I replenish myself in nature?
  • Do I need a long time to recuperate after being with difficult people or energy vampires?
  • Do I feel better in small cities or the country rather than large cities?
  • Do I prefer one-to-one interactions and small groups to large gatherings?

Understanding your results:

  • If you answered yes to one to five questions, you’re at least a partial empath.
  • If you answered yes to six to ten questions, you have moderate empath tendencies.
  • If you answered yes to eleven to fifteen questions, you have strong empath tendencies.
  • If you answered yes to more than fifteen questions, you are a full-blown empath.

We hope you enjoy this episode and look forward your feedback!

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