The Lotus Effect

Your hosts Pheonix and PhoneBoy talk about health, happiness, higher consciousness, and hi-tech hijinks!

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Streaming LIVE on Saturdays at 4pm Central (UTC-5)!

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The Lotus Effect Chat

Join us during the live shows! You can join our chat one of three ways:

We are logged into chat 24/7 and you can use that to message us.

IRC Clients

Given IRC has existed almost as long as the Internet itself, practically every platform has multiple IRC clients for it. This is not a comprehensive list, but these are the ones I am using (except on Android, which was a suggestion):

Obviously not a comprehensive list.

Configuring Your IRC Client

The main information you need to configure in your IRC client is the following:

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 6697 (TLS/SSL) or 6667 (without TLS/SSL)
  • Password: empty
  • Nickname: mycoolnickname

This will connect you to the ZeroNode IRC network, which hosts the No Agenda trollroom and similar rooms for other podcasts on the No Agenda stream and in the family.

Channel List

There are multiple channels on the server. Here are the more interesting ones. You can get a complete list of channels by typing /list into your IRC client:

To join a room (for example, the No Agenda Troll Room):

/join #noagenda

Background network connections are limited by iOS. To stay connected, you will need to use an IRC bouncer, which effectively acts as a proxy buffering the messages for you. You can set up ZNC or use something like BNC4Free, which runs a public bouncer that you can use.